QuadroCopter  0.1.4
quadro::pwm::pwmOverlay::overlaySettings Struct Reference

#include <pwmOverlay.h>

Public Attributes

const char * overlay = "am33xx_pwm"
 overlay name More...
const char * searchFile = "/sys/devices/ocp.3/48300000.epwmss/modalias"
 overlay created file More...
bool overlayLoaded
 overlay Loaded switch More...

Detailed Description

struct for settings related to the pwm overlay

Member Data Documentation

const char* quadro::pwm::pwmOverlay::overlaySettings::overlay = "am33xx_pwm"

overlay name

bool quadro::pwm::pwmOverlay::overlaySettings::overlayLoaded

overlay Loaded switch

const char* quadro::pwm::pwmOverlay::overlaySettings::searchFile = "/sys/devices/ocp.3/48300000.epwmss/modalias"

overlay created file

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